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Food for Thought Podcast starts with the premise that being vegan is a means to an end — not an end in itself. Food for Thought addresses all aspects of eating and living compassionately and healthfully, including living zero waste! Each episode addresses commonly asked questions about being vegan, including those regarding animal protection, food, cooking, eating, and nutrition — and debunks the myths surrounding these issues. 

Nov 13, 2007

In her broken, mutilated body, shooting for normalcy as though it were within her reach, seeking to be involved in absolutely everything, every meal, every exchange of affection, every single conversation, Louise sang. Responding to every single sound in her environment, tuned into the world's pitch, rhythm, timbre, tone, color, phrasing, cadence, tempo, inflection, leaving no call unnoticed, unheeded, unanswered, Louise let her voice be heard. Until one day when her voice changed from song- filled to quiet. Join me as I read a beautiful story of transformation.