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Food for Thought Podcast starts with the premise that being vegan is a means to an end — not an end in itself. Food for Thought addresses all aspects of eating and living compassionately and healthfully, including living zero waste! Each episode addresses commonly asked questions about being vegan, including those regarding animal protection, food, cooking, eating, and nutrition — and debunks the myths surrounding these issues. 

Jun 21, 2024

What does it mean for a wine to be labeled "SUSTAINABLE," "ORGANIC," "NATURAL," "BIODYNAMIC," or "VEGAN"? Can you be one without the other? What are the most important considerations when buying any agricultural product? This and A LOT MORE on today's episode of Food for Thought.


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Jun 9, 2024

We are living in a time when group loyalty, ideology, and identity politics are valued more than kindness, reason, critical thinking, and tolerance for another point of view. And it scares the bejesus out of me. 

Today's episode is (yet another) call for compassion. 


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May 24, 2024

Today we dive into the surprising history of one of America's favorite condiments and discover the animals hidden in the word ketchup, as well as in the original recipe. I promise not to ruin your taste for this tasty staple, but you may never hear the word ketchup again without thinking of...

May 10, 2024

You pestered your friends and bugged your family until they finally listened to Food for Thought. You nagged your partner to join you on an all-inclusive vegan trip with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, badgering them to the point of harrassment. After incessant hounding didn't work, you lured them in with the ultimate bait:...

Apr 28, 2024

When a vegan restaurant announced they were going to start serving beef, bison, chicken, and eggs, because they believed regenerative animal agriculture and not plant-based eating would reverse climate change, I knew I had to bump this topic up to the top of the queue. 

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