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Food for Thought Podcast starts with the premise that being vegan is a means to an end — not an end in itself. Food for Thought addresses all aspects of eating and living compassionately and healthfully, including living zero waste! Each episode addresses commonly asked questions about being vegan, including those regarding animal protection, food, cooking, eating, and nutrition — and debunks the myths surrounding these issues. 

Dec 30, 2011

As we say goodbye to 2011, I wanted to share with you a number of wonderful ways we'll enter 2012 together. Consider this my Happy New Year message to you filled with special announcements and gratitude for all your support.

Brett p
twelve and a half years ago

Ok if this works then the error was user based! Lol

What a fantastic way to wake up on the eve of new years snuggled in bed with the puppies.

Even though you have had a very trying year. The work you do shines a light for many to make a significant change in there lives.

Wishing you an abundant new year!!!

Much love