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Food for Thought Podcast starts with the premise that being vegan is a means to an end — not an end in itself. Food for Thought addresses all aspects of eating and living compassionately and healthfully, including living zero waste! Each episode addresses commonly asked questions about being vegan, including those regarding animal protection, food, cooking, eating, and nutrition — and debunks the myths surrounding these issues. 

May 8, 2008

In Part I of this topic, I talked about the importance of perceiving non-vegetarians as "blocked vegetarians" to help us cope in "mixed relationships." And of course the relationships to which I’m referring are not just romantic. Mixed relationships include those between friends, co-workers, family members, and most certainly between parents and children. In this episode, Part II, I want to offer some very specific suggestions for effectively coping with a non-vegetarian partner, family member, or friend. It's all about the art of finding the balance line between speaking your truth and remaining humble.